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My name is Micah Goodman and I am a licensed massage therapist in the State ofTexas. I live in the Katy area with my wonderful wife and two gorgeous girls. 

In December 2008 I was involved in a rollover automobile accident. While I suffered no major bodily injury, I did suffer serious tissue trauma. I began to suffer from chronic low back pain. Through the help of my sister-in-law, who is also a licensed massage therapist, I began my own journey back from chronic pain. Largely because of her help I was able to return to a pain free life. Through my experience with chronic pain and the therapeutic ability of massage I decided to become a therapist myself. 

After graduating from Avalon School of Massage in May of 2010 I began my career as a licensed massage therapist. I quickly discovered that my favorite forms of massage involved modalities that helped alleviate chronic pain issues. After working the MS 150 in 2011 I decided that I wanted to formally increase my knowledge in sports massage after I had engaged in extensive study on my own. Therefore I decided to enroll in a sports massage certification program. This course has already greatly increased my skill as a massage therapist and I am now a certified Sports Massage therapist. While the certification is nice the greatest advantage to this course has been the increase in my knowledge which I can then use to help my clients even further. I am so very blessed to be able to work as a massage therapist. I am blessed even further to have such a great group of clients that do me the honor of allowing me to help eliminate or manage their pain. My goal is to allow my clients to live their life and not their pain.

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